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FOR RELEASE:  March 14, 2011



HKN, Inc. Announces Oilfield Emulsions Supply Contract for

BriteWater International, LLC


Dallas, Texas – March 14, 2011 – HKN, Inc. (NYSE Amex: HKN) (“HKN”) today announced that BriteWater International, LLC (“BriteWater”) has entered into an agreement  (the “Agreement”)  with a producer on the Alaskan North Slope pursuant to which it has the right of first refusal to process and dispose of certain of the producer’s oilfield emulsion waste materials.  The Agreement has a term of seven years.


HKN holds a 52.09% interest in BriteWater, which owns the patented oilfield emulsion breaking OHSOL technology.  This environmentally-clean process can be used to purify oilfield emulsions by breaking and separating the emulsions into oil, water and solids. 


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